Welcome to league apart!

We are a Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing company with a focus on providing world class solutions to clients all over the world.

Our Principals have worked with Fortune 500 clients like Cisco Systems, Oracle, Network Appliance, Yahoo, Ebay, Applied Materials as well as Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services etc.

What we do!

We provide Consulting, both Strategy Consulting as well as Technology, Technical services spanning the whole Software Development Life Cycle. We provide Outsourcing solutions Application Outsourcing, BPO etc.

How we do it!

We are consultants with lots of experience working with clients across the world; we have presence in the US as well as in India. We are a league apart from other companies with focus on the Client. We have expertise in consulting, technology and outsourcing.  We have a team of consultants who do an in-depth requirements gathering and focused study at the client place. We would recommend further actions/solutions based on the findings.

Join the league!

Contact us at askus@leagueapart.com or call 001-510-574-7307