League Apart  Consulting  advises clients and businesses across different sectors, regions to transform them by identifying opportunities and addressing critical challenges. We bring about change and transformation to transform businesses into the leadership quadrant.

Our capabilities include:

  • Corporate development:  Our core areas of focus include the portfolio, growth and strategy.  Companies today have to reexamine their corporate and portfolio strategy in order to remain competitive. League Apart has expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions, Divestitures as well as Alliances and Joint Ventures.
  • Growth:  How do organizations keep growing year over year? We can help our clients understand their core strengths and weaknesses, understand the opportunities for growth and help them grow by understanding their customers, competitors, strengths, weaknesses etc.
  • IT: Information Technology plays a pivotal role in businesses and organizations succeed in this competitive market. Our team has worked with Fortune 500 companies in the US and can help businesses achieve an edge with IT Strategy, IT Transformation, IT Sourcing, IT Organization and IT Performance.
  • Sales and Marketing: Our Sales and Marketing experts can help you increase sales as well recommend innovative sales and marketing strategies.  League Apart can help you understand the consumer and the customer in order to understand the areas of growth and define or refine the pricing policies. League Apart helps clients understand the consumer needs therefore allowing companies to develop offerings in different channels. We help clients build brands which connect with the consumers.
  • Strategy: League apart has a strategy consulting team to focus on the best strategy for the client for the client to succeed in today’s world.  League apart helps clients under their core strengths, areas of improvement and suggest ways they can become lean and maintain their strategic advantage. League Apart guides you through strategies so that you maintain a strategic advantage. League Apart helps guide you to identify and share the Mission and Vision of the client so that there is a focused approach on achieving the goals set by the Mission with a crystal clear vision of how to achieve them. League Apart helps clients with strategic planning the approach they take in this marketplace for being more effective, lean and agile. League Apart guides clients for Portfolio management and specific strategies for their Business Units.
  • Transformation: Transformation based on the changing needs of an organization is the need of the clients today. League Apart helps companies to improve their bottom-line by first understanding the problems or issues faced by companies. We start with understanding the organization by doing a through study to find out areas which can be improved by changing the processes due to the current situations like the economic downturn. Innovative ideas are applied to reposition and refocus the organization.

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