Corporate Development

 Our core areas of focus include the portfolio, growth and strategy.  Companies today have to reexamine their corporate and portfolio strategy in order to remain competitive. League Apart has expertise in Mergers and Acquisitions, Divestitures as well as Alliances and Joint Ventures.

League Apart looks at Corporate Development from multiple dimensions such as Corporate Strategy, Growth Strategy and Operational Strategy.

Corporate Strategy: League Apart helps Corporates implement strategies which focuses on responding to change, in this dynamic environment companies who respond to change are the ones who can succeed. League Apart helps businesses stay on a growth path by developing a road-map towards a better future.

Growth Strategy: League Apart can access strengths,weaknesses,opportunities and threats for a business or organization and help them access whether to buy,build or borrow leading to strategies like Divestiture, Growth Strategy Planning,  Alliances and Joint Ventures Strategy and M&A’s(Mergers and Acquisitions).

Operational Strategy: League Apart recommends strategies for Pricing,Sales and Marketing and Cost Reductions leading to an improved bottom line for the company.