League apart has a strategy consulting team to focus on the best strategy for the client to succeed in today’s world.  League apart helps clients understand their core strengths, areas of improvement and suggest ways they can become lean and maintain their strategic advantage. League Apart guides you through strategies so that you maintain a strategic advantage. League Apart helps guide you to identify and share the Mission and Vision of the client so that there is a focused approach on achieving the goals set by the Mission with a crystal clear vision of how to achieve them. League Apart helps clients with strategic planning the approach they take in this marketplace for being more effective, lean and agile. League Apart guides clients for Portfolio management and specific strategies for their Business Units.

League Apart helps businesses to look for new Business models in this competitive envoirnment for driving higher efficiency,competitiveness thus in turn towards higher growth over a period of time.

League Apart looks at Strategy from multiple dimensions such as Corporate Strategy, Growth Strategy and Operational Strategy.

Corporate Strategy: League Apart helps Corporates implement strategies which focuses on responding to change, in this dynamic envoirnment companies who respond to change are the ones who can succeed. League Apart helps businesses stay on a growth path by developing a roadmap towards a better future.

Growth Strategy: League Apart can access strengths,weaknesses,opportunities and threats for a business or organization and help them access whether to buy,build or borrow leading to strategies like Divestiture, Growth Strategy Planning,  Alliances and Joint Ventures Strategy and M&A’s(Mergers and Acquisitions).

Operational Strategy: League Apart recommends strategies for Pricing,Sales and Marketing and Cost Reductions leading to an improved bottom line for the company.

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