League Apart has strong expertise in technology and strategy and we bring the best technology and architecture to businesses, organizations and clients.  Our consultants have extra-ordinary technical expertise leading businesses and clients towards optimal technical solutions irrespective of the technology or industry. Some of our capability areas mentioned below:

  • Analytics:  This fast paced and changing environment needs Analytics to keep a check on what is happening in the organization with deep knowledge of data. League Apart works with businesses, organizations to bring analytical solutions which in turn bring growth. League Apart helps businesses make better and informed decisions since League Apart Analytics analyses and deciphers the data in an intelligent manner. Analytics can drive growth, reduce costs, improvement  of operations etc.


  • Business Intelligence : In a 1958 article, IBM researcher Hans Peter Luhn used the term business intelligence. He defined intelligence as: “the ability to apprehend the interrelationships of presented facts in such a way as to guide action towards a desired goal.”

Business Intelligence is a set of techniques and tools which analyzes external and internal data available to an organization.  Business Intelligence is a larger term consisting of Datawarehousing as well as techniques and tools for analyzing Data e.g. for a large retailer having multiple branches across different regions around the world there is a need to find exact inventory, sales, costs etc. with precision.

League apart has expertise in various tools like:

  • Cognos
  • Brio
  • Hyperion
  • Microsoft Solutions
  • Oracle Solutions
  • Business Objects

We bring Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to the fore bringing out the best in the organizations and businesses using analytical solutions. From the C’s officers viewpoint we bring solutions where they can look at P&L, customers, competitors, Sales and Marketing etc.  Business Intelligence can offer improvements in decision making by better analysis of data.

  • Data Management and Architecture: Data Management:  Managing the data in an efficient way is our expertise, let the gurus handle their forte and you concentrate on your core areas! Data is a very valuable asset for an organization and decisions are made based on the data.  Data should be accurate, complete and secure with proper care taken for data quality.

Organizations struggle with Data Architecture, the amount of data, storage, security issues etc. We have the capability to bring easy to use efficient and lean architecture. We provide services for Data Management and Architecture for all kind of clients across industries to provide better analytics with the invaluable data of the client.

  • Technology Consulting: League Apart has strong expertise in technology and strategy with our technology team having expertise with various software products,technologies imparting the best solutions to the businesses and organizations with their expertise. We build leaner and faster technological solutions for the customers. League Apart tries to exceed customer expectations by building best of the breed technology to you. We provide a spectrum of Technological solutions starting with developing IT strategy to optimizing IT infrastructure and solutions.


  • Enterprise Architecture: League apart has provided Enterprise Architecture solutions across the world across different industries, domains and we can advise on the best Enterprise Architecture solutions for your organization. We define the standards for providing the roadmap for the organizations. Enterprise Architecture is the backbone of an organization and has to be able to scale, secure and efficient. League apart provides a road map for the clients with an Architecture best suiting their needs.


  • Information Management: How to do manage data and Information in a correct way so that the management understands and uses the information?  How do you deliver the information in an effective manner? We have the expertise in Business Intelligence and Data warehousing where we can deliver what is needed. Information is analyzed for the Management team and other teams to comprehend for the betterment of the company.


  • Microsoft Solutions: We have expertise in Microsoft solutions where we can take care of all Microsoft needs. Our team can help clients build Microsoft solutions for different industries and domains. League Apart has expertise in various Microsoft tools to bring that expertise to you.


  • Oracle Solutions: We can deliver across the Oracle Suite. We offer Solutions suiting to every organization’s needs. We can design, implement, maintain Oracle databases as well implement Oracle Data warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions. We have expert Data Base Administrators who can take care of the clients Oracle DBA needs. We can setup, manage, install Oracle databases as well as manage your database remotely. League apart can tune your database as well as long running queries.


  • SOA: In computing a service-oriented architecture (SOA) is a flexible set of design principles used during the phases of systems development and integration.  We help clients achieve a service-oriented architecture approach.


  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Software as a Service is a subscription model based on demand, Software as a service model leads to leaner environments with lesser investment in Infrastructure etc. We help companies in following SaaS Models to become leaner and faster. Software as a service can help reduce costs, increase employee productivity and increased user adoption.  With Saas, there are lower costs, much faster deployment cycles and increase in employee productivity.

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